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User Agreement

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This is not an official O2Jam server.

We are no way affiliated with or any other official provider of O2Jam.

Terms and Agreement

You are responsible for any action that you take in use of this server. If your action violates federal, state, or the law of your residing country, we will not be held liable to any extent. You may play in this server within the rules expressed by O2Jam Live, with no agreement or promise of service whether implied, written, or verbally stated. Any violation of these defined rules may result in legal action. While the site is under construction no rules may be stated, but any laws of your residing country are implied. We reserve the right to deny you access to this server and you agree to any and all terms upon playing in this server.

Notice of Usage

This server may contain content which you do not agree to or may not understand. If you persist on exploring this server be aware that any person or party with relation (association) to or any other entity with ties with to but not limited to production or management of O2Jam, is not allowed here. Any person who would disclose information of this server's private features to any corporation, company, or entity thereof (including but not limited to ) are not allowed here. This server is privately owned and operated with no commercial application or capital gain. Use of site links within or downloads constitute full compliance and agreement to any and all terms on and of this server.

Notice of Legality

Any information taken from or about this server and given to any corporation, company, or any entity will violate the terms and agreements to this server. The information would have been obtained illegally and is not admissible in a court of law.

Server Rules

  1. No use of 3rd party programs/software is allowed on the server, anyone who is found using, advertising, or encouraging such programs/software will be banned permanently.
  2. Real Money Trading is not allowed to any degree or for any reason. Violation of this rule will result in a permanent banishment.
  3. Racial harassment is intolerable in either public or private chat. As this is an international server, we do not tolerate discrimination towards any other real life race, religion, sex, politics, or national origin. Violation of this rule will result in a permanent banishment.
  4. Do not send message that contain hateful words or have malicious, slanderous, prejudicial intent in either public or private chat. This is considered as harassment and will be seen as such. Violation of this rule will result in a permanent banishment.
  5. Do not abuse bugs to your benefit. Should an undiscovered bug be found, then reporting it is in yours and other users best interest and the first player to bring such a bug or exploit to our staff attention is subject to reward by the administrator. Such rewards are not set and only limited to what does not hinder game balance.
  6. Submitting false reports intentionally about other players will lead to a banishment. Please remember that we are very busy resolving daily issues, events, problems, and have no time for false reports.
  7. Do not flame each other unless it's in a playful way and "appreciated" by both parties. If other person asks you to politely stop then do so or they can with evidence report you to a staff and will get you banned.
  8. Please refrain from speaking any language except English, Bahasa Indonesia, or Tagalog in Public chat. This will result in warning, kicking, and then banning. This does not include private chat. However, the majority of the staffs and players are english speaking and it is only polite to talk in the local language. However, as this is an international community, we encourage everyone to maintain and embrace their local cultures and identities. We could all benefit from learning each others languages and as such, how about we teach each other rather than cutting each other out of conversations.
  9. Do not argue or otherwise get in the way of a staff while doing their jobs. You are expected to be as polite to them as they are to you. They will comport themselves at all times with respect and dignity and you, the player, are expected to do the same. Respect is not a given, it must be earned and maintained by all. That means should a staff not uphold these rules, they themselves will suffer punishment no matter what. There's being more serious for having abused the position and authority given to them by abusing the community trust.

"Public chat" includes in-game public chat, community forums, "O2Jam Live" Facebook group, and "O2Jam Live" Facebook page.
"Private chat" includes in-game private chat (whisper messages), community forums private messages, and Facebook private messages between "O2Jam Live" Facebook group members with evidence from the victim.

These rules are subject to change at any time without notice. We reserve the right to ban you, edit, or delete your files at our discretion. We reserve the right to remove you from game, without warning. Please comply with the requests from the staffs. We will be polite if you will.

Forms of Banishment

  1. In-game or community forums violation may result in a 24 hours (1 day) to 168 hours (1 week) of game account and the associated forum account banishment at first offense, and permanent banishment of both game account and the associated forum account at second offense.
  2. Violation in the "O2Jam Live" Facebook group may result in a banishment from the "O2Jam Live" Facebook group itself.
  3. In some intense cases we reserve the right to ban any offender in any way including but not limited to IP address banishment.

Notice of Personal Usage

By accepting this agreement you become a user of this private server so long as you do not violate any terms and agreements as listed.

O2Jam and/or any O2Jam images are a trademark of of Korea and its constituents. All other copyrights or trademarks are the property of their respective owners.